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Casio FX-880P Pocket Computer

Casio FX-880P Pocket Computer
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Casio FX-880p

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Product description: FX-880p
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Features: Casio FX-880p

** New - In original packaging **

These are the original Casio FX-880P Handheld computer in production around 1990. They are all brand new and in their original boxes with manual etc. Only a small number of these machines available.

The FX-880P was the top of the range Casio handheld with 2 x 32 character display and 32Kb of memory which compares well even with modern calculators. Along with all the usual functions you would expect to find on a scientific calculator it is programmable in the BASIC language. Back in 1990 BASIC enjoyed wide acceptance. It was installed by default on most PCs and taught in many colleges and universities so to find it on a handheld was a real innovation. The Fx880p has a built-in library of BASIC formula and functions. Any function in the library can be executed from a regular BASIC program by using GOTO "LIB0:NNNN" where NNNN is the function number (e.g. 5010 for prime factorization). The command "GOTO LIB0:0400" executes a self-test program. Example program below :

  • 10 INPUT X
  • 20 G=1
  • 30 IFX>5GOTO70
  • 40 G=G*X
  • 50 X=X+1
  • 60 GOTO 30
  • 70 S=1/1188/X/X-1/1680
  • 80 S=S/X/X+1/1260
  • 90 S=S/X/X-1/360
  • 100 S=S/X/X+1/12
  • 110 G=X*LNX-X+LN(2*PI/X/G/G)/2+S/X
  • 120 PRINT G;EXPG

Features of the Casio FX-880P

  • 32kb Memory
  • BASIC programming.
  • Built-in formula library.
  • Alpha-numeric display.
  • LCD display, 2 lines of 32 characters.
  • 12 digit precision.
  • Built-in speaker.
  • Internal slot for memory expansion (32kb)
  • Connector with support for RS232 and centronics.
  • External printer interface (optional extra).
  • Weight: 8oz
  • Size: 3½"×7"×½"
  • Main battery: 2 x CR2032, Memory backup: 1 x CR2012


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