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Schedule Calc 9430

Schedule Calc 9430
Price: £24.99 (inc VAT)
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CI 9430 Sched Calc

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  Price   £24.99 (inc VAT)
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Product description: 9430 Sched Calc
Availability   3 days  
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Features: Calculated Industries 9430 Sched Calc

Calendar and Time-Math Calculator 

With ScheduleCalc™ working with calendar and time mathematics becomes a quick and simple job.  It is ideal for schedulers, production planners, contract administrators or anyone with similar tasks that require accurate time and dates for schedules and forecasts.

Project planning functions include: calculate the number of working hours/days between two dates - excluding holidays, weekends etc. Performs time-based billing calculations. See the manual for more info

Dedicated Functions

  • Multiple entry formats for time or date measurement and conversion in Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes or Seconds; Hours:Minutes:Seconds (h:m:s), Workweeks and Workdays; Add Days (+1, +2, +3) and find decimal equivalents.
  • AM/PM or 24 hour (military) time formats.
  • Multiple Week/Day/Date Modes.  Works with any calendar or planning format.
  • Built-in Stopwatch and Timer with Alarm; count-down or count-up plus ‘Split/Lap’ function with optional ‘Buzzer’.
  • Easy-to-use Begin/End/Duration keys for elapsed time solutions.
  • Pro Rate dollar amounts.
  • Rate function for time-based billing and estimates.
  • Store holidays or selected dates.

Additional Features

  • Mode:  Move quickly between calendar modes.
  • Paperless Tape: Review last 20 data entries; works while built-in Timer is in use.
  • Preference Settings:  User definable settings; U.S., European, Day, Time, Rate, Workweek/Week, Buzzer.
  • Memories:  Store up to 10 separate values. 
  • Standard math calculations with +/-, +, -, x, ÷, %, ∆%, 1/x


  • Easy-to-Follow User's Guide
  • Long-Life Battery (One CR-2032)
  • Armadillo Gear® Protective Hard Case
  • Full One-Year Limited Warranty


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