A Grades Calculators

Texas Instruments NSpire Touchpad £144.00
Sanyo ICR1000 A Grade £111.63
Sanyo ICR1000 B Grade £88.13
HP 48GII Graphing Calculator (A Grade) £50.00
HP17bii+ Financial Calculator (A Grade) £40.00
HP 12c Financial Calculator (Used) £35.00
Depesche TopModel Colour 006304 Set of 12 Pencils £5.25
Replacement tapes for JTTD Jaytech Tape Dispenser Cutter £1.95
Maxell CR2016 Lithium battery £1.33

Accessories Calculators

Logo Printing £222.00
Olympus ME30 Conference Kit for DS Series £203.95
Texas Instruments TI-NSpire Viewscreen Panel £199.95
Hewlett Packard HP-82240B Infrared Printer £143.99
Casio EA100 datalogging set £115.14
Secure Digital (SD) 1gB Memory Card £53.00
Scale Master II PC Interface Kit £49.95
Casio PC Link Cable (FX-INTERFACE) £39.99
Naked Runner Sports Sunglasses (Shiny Green) £39.95
Naked Runner Sports Sunglasses (Shiny Pink) £39.95
Naked Runner Sports Sunglasses (Tangerine) £39.95
Infapower F009BLACK 10 Watt High Intensity Torch (Black) £35.99
Infapower F009BLUE 10 Watt High Intensity Torch (Blue) £35.99
Infapower F009GM 10 Watt High Intensity Torch (Silver) £35.99
Ectaco PC Link Cable £35.00
Naked Runner Sports Sunglasses (black) £35.00
Ectaco Voltage and plug converter kit £34.95
Infapower F010 3 Watt Heavyweight Rechargeable Torch (Black) £33.99
Infapower 1 Hour Battery Charger with 4 x AA 2500mAh Rechargeable Batteries £28.50
Infapower F005 Security Precision Aluminium Torch £25.99
TI USB Graphlink cable £25.95
Infapower P006 5000mAh 90W Universal Power Supply for Laptop £24.95
Kingston 2gB SD Memory Card £24.95
Psion Series 5 Delux Case £24.95
Secure Digital (SD) 256mB Memory Card £24.95
Infapower 4 Hour Battery Charger with 4 x AA 2500mAh Rechargeable Batteries £22.15
TI-84 Plus Presentation Link £21.95
Infapower 70W Universal Laptop Power Supply £21.40
Dictaphone D304712 Headset £19.99
Infapower F004 Rechargeable Precision Aluminium Torch (Black) £19.99
Infapower F007 9 LED Glow in The Dark Torch, Pack of 12 £19.99
Philips LFH9064 32mb Multi Media Card £19.99
Canon CP16 Ink Roller (5 pack) £19.95
Infapower F006 9 -Led Mini Pocket Torch, Pack of 12 £17.55
Philips LFH2236 Walkman style headset £17.32
Infapower X006 Carbon Monoxide Detector £15.95
Secure Digital (SD) 128mB Memory Card £15.95
Infapower C002 Home Battery Charger with 4 x AA 2500mAh Rechargeable Batteries £14.40
Armadillo Hard Case for Construction Master £11.95
Sharp AD-A60024 Power Supply for Printing Calculators £11.95
Sharp Mains Adaptor for Printing Calculators £11.90
Infapower F013 3W CREE LED Head Torch With Adjustable Focus Shockproof Case £11.50
Total Vision NV-00370 Massage Pro Cordless Massaging Lumber Cushion £11.50
Infapower P004 2250mA 7-Way Universal Power Supply AC/DC Adapter for Smartphone £11.20
Gratnells F25 Box with foam insert for Class Kit £9.95
Hewlett Packard 82175A Thermal Paper (6 Pack) £9.95
Infapower INFA-F003 Precision Aluminium Torch £9.95
SR-455 (SPR455) Generic Ink Roller for TI5640 £9.95
Unbranded AC Adapter compatible with the Sony PRS505 and PRS600 £9.95
Infapower P002 1000mA 7-Way Universal Power Supply AC/DC Adapter for Smartphone £9.50
Infapower C001 Home Battery Charger with 4 x AA 1300mAh Rechargeable Batteries £8.90
Infapower F011 Aluminium Powerful 3W Pocket Torch With Adjustable Focus £8.90
Urbanz Clipz On Ear Headphones - Black/Brown £8.80
Urbanz CAMDEN Fashionable DJ Headphones (White) £8.75
Urbanz Clipz On Ear Headphones - Red/Black £8.75
Urbanz GLOZZ Lightweight Fashionable Headphones (Denim (Black)) £8.75
Urbanz GLOZZ Lightweight Fashionable Headphones (Denim (Blue)) £8.75
Urbanz GLOZZ Lightweight Fashionable Headphones (White) £8.75
Urbanz Glozz Lightweight Headphones - Black £8.75
Urbanz Glozz Lightweight Headphones - Orange £8.75
Urbanz Glozz Lightweight Headphones - Purple £8.75
Urbanz Multi Device Stereo Headphone - Blue £8.75
Infapower P015 Worldwide Twin USB Mains Charger £8.55
Sharp URBNT-1 ink ribbon £7.95
Urbanz Clipz On Ear Headphones - Blue/Grey £7.50
Infapower C004 Universal Ni-Mh Battery Charger £6.99
Infapower Infapower X003 Photoelectric Smoke Detector, White £6.66
Infpower X005 32 Tunes Plug-in Mains Wireless/Cordless Portable Home Door Bell Chime Kit Set £6.60
Sharp EA772R ink roller £6.50
Infapower 600mA 7-Way AC/DC Universal Adapter £6.00
Calculator Ink Roller IR21 (SPR21) £5.95
Ink Roller for Print Display Calculators IR-72 £5.95
IR-40 Ink Roller for Printing Calculators £5.95
IR-40T Ink Roller for Printing Calculators (SPR42, CP13) £5.95
Sony replacement USB cable for PRS505 £5.95
infapower 6 V Lantern Torch F014 £5.80
EA-781R-RD Calculator ink cartridge (Red) £5.50
EA781RBK Calculator ink cartridge (Black) £5.50
RM741R (IR800P/EA741R) Calculator ink cartridge £5.50
Aurora AUK6V Power Supply for Printing Calculators £4.95
Infapower B007 9V 170mAH with 1 Rechargeable Battery £4.95
Infapower C007 Home Battery Charger £4.95
Sanyo MC40N Minicassette £4.95
Sharp EA732R ink roller £4.95
Texas Instruments TI84, TI84SE, TI89 calc-to-calc cable £4.95
TI Replacement USB Cable for TI84+, TI84SE, TI89 £4.64
Infapower INFA-F002 Precision Aluminium Torch £4.50
Casio P-5825 Plain Paper Rolls (Box of 10) £3.99
Ice-Watch Ice-Phone Adaptor IPF.COMADP Unisex Watch £3.95
Ice-Watch Ice-Phone Adaptor IPF.HTCADP Unisex Watch £3.95
Ice-Watch Ice-Phone Adaptor IPF.LGADP Unisex Watch £3.95
Ice-Watch Ice-Phone Adaptor IPF.MOTADP Unisex Watch £3.95
Ice-Watch Ice-Phone Adaptor IPF.NOKADP Unisex Watch £3.95
Ice-Watch Ice-Phone Adaptor IPF.SAMADP Unisex Watch £3.95
Ice-Watch Ice-Phone Adaptor IPF.SONADP Unisex Watch £3.95
Infapower B008 AA 600mAh Solar with 4 Rechargeable Batteries £3.95
Standard Thermal Rolls for Printing Calcs (Pack of 6) £3.95
Infapower INFA-F001 Precision Aluminium Torch £3.90
Infapower P008 USB Car Charger 2100ma £3.20
Infapower F012 Lightweight 7 White LEDs Head Torch With Adjustable Headband £2.50
RM40T Calculator Ink Roller £1.95
Soft Case for Graphing Calculators (JT-56PC) £1.50
Casio Standard Paper Roll for Printing Calculators £1.19
Canon CP-20P Ink Roller (pack of 5) Call

Audio Calculators

Orbit AD-1500 AC/DC 1500ma Universal Multi Adapter £8.95
JVC HA-FX8-V Riptide In-Ear Stereo Headphones - Violet £6.95
iLuv i353SIL Aluminium In-Ear Earphones with In-line Volume Control £6.50
Orbit AD-1000 AC/DC 1000ma Universal Multi Adapter £6.25
Orbit AD600 Universal Adapter 600ma with USB £4.95
JVC HA-F10C Stereo Mini Headphones with Case £3.95
Kodak Max AA Alkaline battery 4 pack £1.50
Kodak Max C Alkaline battery 2 pack £1.50

Bargains Calculators



Groov-e 10000mAh Portable Power Bank Charger for Smartphone/Tablet/E-Reader/GPS/Camera £66.99
Groov-e GVCH3600S 3600mAh Portable Power Solar Charger for Smartphone/Tablet/E-Reader/GPS/Camera £28.70
Groov-e GVCH4000 4000mAh Portable Power Battery Bank Charger for Smartphone/Tablet/E-Reader/GPS/Came £28.70
Groov-e GVCH5200 5200mAh Portable Power Charger for Smartphone/Tablet/E-Reader/GPS/Camera £21.64
Groov-e GVCH2200 2200mAh Portable Power Stick Charger for Smartphone/Tablet/E-Reader/GPS/Camera £16.58
10 x LR44 Battery £8.00
Maxell CR2032 Lithium battery pack of 10 £8.00
AA High Energy Alkaline Cell (4 pack) £2.99
Maxell AAA High Energy Alkaline Battery (4 pack) £1.99
CR2032 Battery £1.00
LR44 Battery £1.00

Bilingual Dictionary Calculators

Franklin BES-1850 Speaking Spanish/English Dictionary £79.50

Bookman ROM Calculators

Franklin Bookman The PDR Family Guide to Womens Health and Prescription Drugs £19.95
Franklin Bookman Trivia Game £9.99
Franklin Bookman Blackjack & Video Poker £9.95
Franklin Bookman Meriam Webster Fun-damental Dictionary £9.95
Franklin Bookman Parkers Wine Guide £9.95

Camera Accessories Calculators

Olympus CS-115 Case £35.50
Olympus CS113 Carrying Case £35.50

Cash Registers Calculators

Sharp XE-A217B Cash Register £364.99
Sharp XE-A217W Cash Register £364.99
Sharp XE-A307 Cash Register £364.99
Casio SE-C3500MD Cash Register £341.95
Casio SE-S3000 Cash Register £302.50
Sharp XE-A207B Cash Register £282.50
Sharp XE-A207W Cash Register £282.50
Casio SE-S400 Cash Register £222.50
Sharp XE-A137 Black Cash Register £199.95
Casio SE-S10 Cash Register £173.95
Sharp XEA107BK Cash Register £97.95
Sharp XEA107WH Cash Register £97.95
Casio SE-G1 Cash Register Black £91.95
Casio SE-G1 Cash Register Blue £91.95

Construction Calculators

Prexiso X2 Laser Measure £99.99
Calculated Industries Scale Master Pro XE (6135) £69.95

Desktop Calculators

Aurora DT820P 6 Pack Desktop Calculators £29.99
Casio DJ120 Desk Display £27.95
Sharp EL2125C Desk Display £23.95
Casio RT7000BK Desk Calculator £22.99
Casio DF-120ECO Desk Calculator £19.99
Casio MS-100TER Desk Calculators £19.95
Casio WM-220T Tax Calculator £19.95
Casio DF120TER Desk Display £18.95
Casio JF-120ECO Desk Calculator £18.95
Casio JF-120TM Desk Calculator £14.99
Casio JW200TV Desk Calculator Black £14.99
Casio JW200TVW Desk Calculator White £14.99
Canon WS-2222 Desktop Calculator £14.95
Hp OFFICECALC300 Calculator £14.95
D-20TER Casio Euro Desktop Calculator £13.99
Sharp EL-337C Desktop Calculator £13.95
Aurora DT401 Semi-Desk calculator £13.50
Aurora DT930P Desk Calculator £12.99
Aurora DT85V Desktop Calculator £12.50
Casio MS-88ECO Mini Desk Calculator £11.95
Casio MS120MSSEH Desk Calculator £11.20
Sharp EL-334F Desktop Calculator £11.16
Aurora DT920P Desk Calculator £10.95
Aurora DT303 Desktop Calculator £9.95
Texas Instruments Calc-to-Calc cable £9.95
Sharp EL331ERB Semi Desk Display £7.95
Aurora DT661 Multi-function semi-desktop Calculator £6.99
Aurora DT910P Calculator £6.99
Aurora DT398 Semi-desk calculator £6.95
Aurora DT820P Tax and Profit Calculator £6.95
Casio MS-80VER Desk Calculator £6.95
Citizen SDC-805BN Desk Calculator with Logo Printing £6.60
Sharp EL330FB Semi Desk Display Calculator £5.95
Casio MS-8SSEH Mini Desk Calculator £5.61
Aurora DB453B Desktop Calculator £5.10
Jaytech JTX10 Desk Calculator £4.99
Sharp ELS50BBL Maths Exercise Calculator £4.99
Casio MX-8 Desk Calculator £4.50
Jaytech JT-216TW Desk & Pocket Calculator Set £4.25
Aurora DT210 Desktop Calculator £3.95
Citizen SDC-805BN Desk Calculator £3.59
Citizen SDC80511 Desk Display Calc Dual Power 8 Digit £3.47

Dictation Calculators

Philips LFH3300 Speechmike Iii Bc Pb £1,023.95
Philips LFH3310 Speechmike Iii Classic Barcode Scanner £1,023.95
Philips LFH3600 Speechmike Premium Usb Dictation Microphone £929.95
Philips LFH3610 Speechmike Premium Usb Dictation Microphone £929.95
Philips LFH0067 Executive Starter Kit £851.99
Phillips DPM8500 Pocket Memo £823.50
Philips DPM8900 Conference Recording Kit £794.95
Philips LFH730 Dictation Kit £712.95
Philips LFH730 Transcription Kit £712.95
Philips LFH725 Dictation Kit £695.50
Philips LFH720T Transcription Set £643.50
Philips DPM7700 Transcription Set £557.50
Olympus DM-650 Conference Kit £556.95
Phillips DPM8100 Pocket Memo £541.95
Phillips DPM8300 Pocket Memo £541.95
Philips LFH9398 Digital Starter Kit £502.50
Philips DPM8000 Pocket Memo £488.95
Olympus DS-7000 Executive Pro Kit Incl Odms Software £487.50
Philips LFH3005 Speechmike Air Pb + Sexec Software £477.99
Olympus DS-5000 Pro Digital Voice Recorder £471.99
Philips LFH3000 Speechmike Air Pb £462.95
Philips LFH3010 Speechmike Air (int) S/s £462.95
Philips LFH3020 Speechmike Air (phi) S/s £462.95
Philips DPM6700 Transcription Set £450.50
Phillips DPM8200 Pocket Memo £450.50
Olympus DS5000ID Digital Voice Recorder £449.00
Olympus DS-7000 Pro Digital Voice Recorder £445.95
Philips LFH9600 Digital Pro Pocket Memo £440.95
Philips DPM7200 Pocket Memo £402.95
Olympus DS-2500 Starter Kit £384.99
Olympus DS5000 Digital Voice Recorder £375.00
Philips LFH9380 Digital Pocket Memo £351.50
Olympus DS-3500 Odms Pro Digital Voice Recorder £341.99
Philips LFH3510 Speechmike Iii Classic Premium £340.95
Philips LFH3210 Speechmike Iii Classic £322.50
Olympus DR-2300 Odms Executive Microphone Kit £321.95
Philips LFH3220 Speechmike Iii Classic £313.95
Philips LFH3500 Speechmike Premium Usb Dictation Microphone £313.95
Philips LFH3215 Speechmike Iii Classic (int) + Sep Software £312.99
Philips LFH3205 Speechmike Iii Pro + Sep Software £302.99
Olympus DR-2200 Odms Executive Microphone Kit £300.95
Philips DPM6000 Pocket Memo £295.95
Olympus DM-5 Digital Voice Recorder £294.50
Olympus DR-1200 Odms Executive Microphone Kit £290.50
Philips LFH3200 Speechmike Iii Pro £285.99
Philips LFH488 Pocket Memo £259.99
Olympus DS3400 Digital Recorder £259.00
Olympus DS-2500 Digital Recorder £255.95
Olympus DS2400 Digital Recorder £255.95
Olympus DR-2300 Dcm Microphone Kit £253.99
Philips LFH9375 Digital Pocket Memo £250.95
Olympus DR-2100 Odms Executive Microphone Kit £238.95
Olympus DR-1200 Dcm Microphone Kit £222.95
Olympus DR-2200 Dcm Microphone Kit £217.95
Olympus AS-7000 Pro Transcription Kit £211.95
Philips LFH7277 Speechexec Pro Transcription Kit And Software £201.95
Philips LFH7177 Speechexec Transcription Kit & Software £200.50
Philips DVT7000 Digital Voice Tracer £197.99
Philips LFH388 Pocket Memo £194.40
Olympus DM-670 Digital Notetaker £192.95
Olympus DM-901 Digital Voice Recorder £192.95
Olympus DM-650 & Me-34 Dictation Bundle £175.95
Olympus DR-2100 Dcm Microphone Kit £170.99
Olympus DM-650 Digital Notetaker £151.95
Philips DVT5500 Digital Voice Tracer £148.95
Olympus WS-833 Audio Recorder With Mp3 Player £144.50
Sanyo TRC8800 Transcriber Kit £140.85
Olympus AS-2400 Transcription Kit £135.95
Olympus WS-813 Audio Recorder With Mp3 Player £123.99
Philips DVT5000 Digital Voice Tracer £118.95
Olympus WS-831 Audio Recorder Dns Bundle £100.99
Olympus WS-832 Audio Recorder With Mp3 Player £96.50
Olympus VN-731PC Digital Notetaker And Dns Bundle £91.95
Dictaphone D2225 Standard Portable £86.50
Philips DVT3600 Digital Voice Tracer £81.99
Olympus WS-831 Audio Recorder With Mp3 Player £76.99
Philips DVT1700 Digital Voice Tracer £74.50
Olympus VN-711PC Notetaker & Dragon Ns11 Bundle £72.99
Olympus WS-811 Audio Recorder With Mp3 Player £72.99
Philips DVT3400 Digital Voice Tracer £69.50
Olympus VN-733PC Digital Notetaker £67.50
Olympus DP-311 Digital Notetaker £63.95
Olympus VN-713PC Digital Notetaker £63.95
Sony ICDU60W.CE7 512MB VOICE FLASH MP3 £59.99
Olympus VN-732PC Digital Notetaker £57.95
Philips LFH602 Digital Voice Tracer £57.95
Philips LFH602 Digital Voice Recorder £56.95
Olympus VN-712PC Digital Notetaker £54.95
Olympus VN-711PC Digital Notetaker £52.99
Olympus VN-731PC Digital Notetaker £52.99
Philips DVT1400 Digital Voice Tracer £49.95
Olympus DP-211 Digital Notetaker £40.95
Olympus VN-7700 Digital Notetaker £38.95
Olympus VN-7600 Digital Notetaker £33.95
Standard C60 Cassette £3.95
Olympus XB60 Microcassette tapes (3 Pack) Call

Dictation Accessories Calculators

Philips LFH9160 Lan Docking Station £242.50
Olympus ME-30W Professional Microphone £181.95
Philips LFH0007 Minicassette £104.95
Philips LFH276 Microphone £104.95
Philips LFH210 Foot Control £80.99
Philips LFH172 Lapel Mike £69.50
Philips LFH9110.35 Docking Station £64.95
Olympus ME-51S Stereo Microphone £57.95
Philips LFH0005 Minicasstte (10) £52.95
Olympus BC400 Battery Charger Kit £49.99
Sanyo C600E Standard Cassette £49.95
Sanyo MC40N Minicassette £46.99
Philips LFH142 Power Supply £43.95
Philips LFH155 Power Supply £43.95
Philips LFH234 Headset £43.95
Olympus ME53SA Microphone £40.99
Olympus RS-29 Remote Control £35.50
Sanyo MC60 Microcassette (10pk) £35.50
Sanyo CU-3R Mains Adaptor £34.95
Olympus ME-10 Tie Clip Mike £33.99
Philips LFH236 Headset £33.99
Philips LFH9145 Power Supply £33.99
Sanyo MM01 Meeting Microphone £29.50
Olympus BR401 Battery Pack £23.95
Philips LFH232 Headset £23.95
Olympus ME-15 Tie Clip Mike £22.99
Olympus E-99 Headset £22.50
Sanyo RB600G Headset £22.50
Olympus ME-12 Nc Microphone £21.99
Olympus E-102 Stereo Headset £19.99
Olympus TP7 Pick Up Adaptor £19.99
Philips LFH233 Headset £18.95
Sanyo C30N Minicassettes (3) £13.99
Sanyo MC60 Microcassettes (3) £10.95
Olympus E20 Monaural Earphones £9.99
Sanyo BPKEP8 Mono Earpiece £6.99
Olympus PA3 Plug Adaptor £5.99


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